Who da fook is dis guy?!

My name is ChuKy Charles.

I am a fairly eccentric and goofy philosopher dude. I play in a band, I write and I read a lot. I am currently 28, but I am just starting my college education to study Psychology/Philosophy late in the game. I have previously read fairly extensively from from many various authors, philosophers and psychologists and have a wide array of thoughts to share. I am most well read on Carl Jung/Jungian Analytical Psychology. I have an enjoyment for Depth psych and enjoy breaking down archetypal patterns that manifest through story. I am also a huge fan of logic studies and spirituality. At the same time, some postmodern literature has a special place for me such as Derrida. Deducing the world and it’s components is kind of my thing. If you enjoy, follow. If not, that’s okay too.

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